2019 Toyota Alphard

The Alphard is Toyota’s flagship minivan, as unusual as that segment may seem in the West. It made its debut in 2001, originally aimed at families needing a bit more refinement and space. The second generation brought it upmarket and its third generation cemented its image as the final word in the world of luxury minivans. Inquire now with American Motors about getting your brand new Alphard direct from Japan! All models available, including the hybrid. 

Toyota FJ Series 

The Toyota Land Cruiser (J40), is a series of Land Cruisers made by Toyota from 1960 until 1984. Traditional body on frame SUVs, most 40 series Land Cruisers were built as 2-door models with slightly larger dimensions than the similar Jeep CJ.

Available for import is the Toyota J Series 4 wheel drives. Various models available in petrol and diesel. We can ship FJ, BJ and HJ models. Call us now with your requirements and we will ship direct to Port Adelaide. Stock is in various condition from excellent to project status. 

Did you know American Motors can import more than just American vehicles? 

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